Posted in February 2012

Not a dog person

I am like a magnet for dog poop. I swear. It doesn’t matter where I am or how carefully I think I am watching the ground, the stuff flies through the space time continuum to plant itself exactly under the heel of my shoe just as I step down. It happened again today as I … Continue reading

Pollination Infatuation

I’m a little infatuated with pollinators. A few years back I attended the Bioneers Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area and began to learn about pollinators. Sure I knew about bees and butterflies, but I had never really considered that hummingbirds and bats might be pollinating right in my own backyard. As soon as … Continue reading

The Mess That is the Pacific Gyre

A couple of years back, I ditched the kids (read: left them with Dave) to walk up and down the thousand staircases built into the hilly neighborhoods of Seattle to convince my fellow Seattleites to support the proposed plastic bag ban. At this time I still had a nursing baby and I was barely sleeping … Continue reading

Walking Home

Today I took my son to the ballet to see Don Quixote. As is typical for the PNB, it was a terrific performance with costumes and sets so spectacular that they drew an audible “oooo” from the audience. We took the bus, as we usually do when we go to Seattle Center. You can’t ask … Continue reading

The apple doesn’t fall far…

My fascination with swear words and insults apparently dates back a few decades. My father still loves to recount the story of my younger sister’s baptism, when I, as a three year old child, shocked the church ladies by cussing out my comfort-blanket. “God damn blanket!” I reportedly shouted, after tripping on it. I imagine … Continue reading