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Bee Helpful to Your Insect Friends

Researchers estimate that one in three bites of food comes from a plant that was pollinated by a bee or other insect. When you consider how much bees have been in the news lately ā€“ and not in good ways ā€“ it is pretty frightening to think that we might be endangering our food security … Continue reading

The Nancy Reagan of Pollinators

The Nancy Reagan of Pollinators

This spring I joined the ranks of the estimated 150,000 non-commercial beekeepers in the United States. Backyard beekeeping is quite the trendy hobby here in my neck of the woods, or urban forest as it were. Here in Wallingford, Seattle, I have already encountered four other beekeepers that live within walking distance. Within a few … Continue reading

Bee Nerdy With Me!

So as not to bore all of you who read this blog for juicy insights into my innermost thoughts, I have started a second blog to follow my beekeeping journey. A bonefide place for geeky beekeepers to talk about best practices, research, gear and the fun of backyard beekeeping. So, make your way over to … Continue reading

Pollination Infatuation

Iā€™m a little infatuated with pollinators. A few years back I attended the Bioneers Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area and began to learn about pollinators. Sure I knew about bees and butterflies, but I had never really considered that hummingbirds and bats might be pollinating right in my own backyard. As soon as … Continue reading