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It’s Official

Thursday night, when I delayed bringing in the groceries from the car because I had to rescue my neighbor’s Styrofoam from the trash pile, I realized that I have officially crossed the line. I am Pemco’s Northwest Profile #17 – Obessive Compulsive Recycler. I know this is not news to many of you, especially my poor … Continue reading

A Very Good Thing Indeed

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon tending the compost and recycling station at our neighborhood’s summer festival. I was recruited by my friend Barb, who is my main resource for all things waste-related (and also my idol). If you think I know a lot about recycling and waste, you should meet Barb! She puts … Continue reading

The Safety Net

It was a hard week in Seattle this week. On Wednesday, a man opened fire in a funky neighborhood café, killing 4 people who were drinking their morning coffee. He then killed a 5th because he wanted her car, before he turned his gun on himself. This followed last week’s killing of a dad literally … Continue reading

Saving the Planet with Duct Tape

So, while I didn’t actually “save the planet” with spools of colorful duct tape, I did help inspire creativity and reusable eco-chic behavior in the scads of children who stopped by the CoolMom booth today at Earth Day for Kids. Our project was making coin purses, wallets and other little pouches from Capri Sun juice … Continue reading

Please Tax Me!

Please Tax Me!

Today, after enduring a totally unsatisfactory interpretation of the Frog Prince, my little ones and I decided to make the most of the 50 degree weather by bird watching along the Marsh Island/Foster Island trail. My intrepid explorers gleefully ran along the trial ahead of me through mud and puddles, counting benches and observation platforms … Continue reading

Not a dog person

I am like a magnet for dog poop. I swear. It doesn’t matter where I am or how carefully I think I am watching the ground, the stuff flies through the space time continuum to plant itself exactly under the heel of my shoe just as I step down. It happened again today as I … Continue reading

The Mess That is the Pacific Gyre

A couple of years back, I ditched the kids (read: left them with Dave) to walk up and down the thousand staircases built into the hilly neighborhoods of Seattle to convince my fellow Seattleites to support the proposed plastic bag ban. At this time I still had a nursing baby and I was barely sleeping … Continue reading

Walking Home

Today I took my son to the ballet to see Don Quixote. As is typical for the PNB, it was a terrific performance with costumes and sets so spectacular that they drew an audible “oooo” from the audience. We took the bus, as we usually do when we go to Seattle Center. You can’t ask … Continue reading

Snow and a Sense of Entitlement

Every few years, Seattle gets a BIG SNOW. This year is one of them, and our fair city and its environs received between 6 inches and 2 feet of the white stuff this week. Followed by an ice storm. Fun! When this happens, the city shuts down. Predictably people on the East Coast snort with … Continue reading