Yes, You Can!

I watched the film Chasing Ice, which chronicles the amazingly rapid pace at which the glaciers are melting, with a few mama friends last night. At the end of the movie, we talked about how difficult it can be to watch movies like that and feel like you don’t even know where to start in addressing … Continue reading


Bee Helpful to Your Insect Friends

Researchers estimate that one in three bites of food comes from a plant that was pollinated by a bee or other insect. When you consider how much bees have been in the news lately – and not in good ways – it is pretty frightening to think that we might be endangering our food security … Continue reading

What to Wear?

I grew up in L.A., a fact which I seldom cop to here in the Pacific Northwest. Mostly because most people are somewhat shocked to find out that I am an Angelena. I have managed to erase most telltale signs with my permanent ponytail, complete lack of make-up, refusal to carry an umbrella and the … Continue reading

Hoping for Change

When Pope Francis was recently elevated to his position as head of the Catholic Church, I was initially pleased. After all, I graduated from a Catholic university where I met some amazing and progressive Jesuit priests. Francis’s Jesuit beginnings gave me hope that he could be a forward-looking pope. Within a day of his election, … Continue reading

Pulling the Plug

It’s February. For those of you who know me well, I should say no more. Every year this month I get blue from the damp and dark, and false promises of spring. This year, my recent milestone birthday is also weighing heavily, especially as I also contemplate the upcoming transition I will be undergoing when … Continue reading

All in Favor, Hold Hands

I remember a long time ago (aka, “college”) talking with some friends about whether or not it mattered if gays could legally marry. I found it surprising that several of my gay friends passionately expressed feelings that it didn’t matter. Marriage was a “straight institution” that they didn’t want any part of. Plus, none of … Continue reading