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Yes, You Can!

I watched the film Chasing Ice, which chronicles the amazingly rapid pace at which the glaciers are melting, with a few mama friends last night. At the end of the movie, we talked about how difficult it can be to watch movies like that and feel like you don’t even know where to start in addressing … Continue reading

Hoping for Change

When Pope Francis was recently elevated to his position as head of the Catholic Church, I was initially pleased. After all, I graduated from a Catholic university where I met some amazing and progressive Jesuit priests. Francis’s Jesuit beginnings gave me hope that he could be a forward-looking pope. Within a day of his election, … Continue reading

All in Favor, Hold Hands

I remember a long time ago (aka, “college”) talking with some friends about whether or not it mattered if gays could legally marry. I found it surprising that several of my gay friends passionately expressed feelings that it didn’t matter. Marriage was a “straight institution” that they didn’t want any part of. Plus, none of … Continue reading

Ancient Goddess, Modern Problems

Last week, my husband and I snuck away to see ACT Theater’s adaptation of the epic Indian story, Ramayana. Ramayana tells of the heroic deeds and journey of Rama, one of the incarnations of the deity Vishnu. Rama weds a woman that he loves dearly, the princess Sita. Although Rama is much beloved by his … Continue reading

Eco-Bitch, At Your Service

Last week, I read blog entry entitled, “Mother Earth called. She wants you to stop being such an asshole.” For a moment, I entertained the hope that this blogger would be calling people out for asshole-ish behavior, like continuing to buy huge Hummers while plastering “I support our troops” bumper stickers to the back of … Continue reading

The Safety Net

It was a hard week in Seattle this week. On Wednesday, a man opened fire in a funky neighborhood café, killing 4 people who were drinking their morning coffee. He then killed a 5th because he wanted her car, before he turned his gun on himself. This followed last week’s killing of a dad literally … Continue reading

I heart Obamacare

I heart Obamacare

Even though it’s technically spring, flu season just got started around here. I spent the last week tending feverish children and a feverish husband, and swallowing as many immune boosting herbs and concoctions as I could manage. Any time we go through a week like this, I finish it off with a small prayer of … Continue reading